1 - UnnamedEast St Kilda Toodleoo (Allan Browne's New Rascals)

east st. louis
sounds as strange to me
as east st. kilda
to an adolescent

in new york
add toodleoo
and we are out there
could be scott,
zelda, the great gatsby
but we hear duke in the jungle              Allan Browne

Following the Rascals acclaimed first CD ‘Out Of Nowhere’ (1996), this new CD reflects a group awareness of a whole century of  jazz rather than a hard edged New Orleans approach. Although the colours and nuances of
the 20s remain, the group is free to explore and improvise over the whole jazz spectrum. The musicians all
share a strong knowledge and empathy with early jazz coupled with the ability and verve to play through all
genres. The Hoodangers’ formidable Chris Turner and Eugene Ball are joined by The Red Onions John Scurry,
Howard Cairns and winner of the 2001 Australia Council Don Banks Music Award, Allan Brown and play music
from Monk Ornette, King Oliver and themselves.

"Four decades after he began his career with the Red Onions, Allan Browne is still living the jazz life, leading a variety of bands.  With the New Rascals, he continues to breathe fresh life and vitality into music that is not far too removed from the classic recordings of early heroes like Louis Armstrong and King Oliver.  Some jazz fans might be surprised to hear a tune by Ornette Coleman played alongside a New Orleans staple like ‘Bye And Bye’ ; others might ask, "Why not ?"  Al and the Rascals just do it, and it makes sense.

Health problems have restricted Al’s activities in recent years, obliging him to draw inspiration from
another hero, the late Art Pepper.  His motto (when he knew he was on borrowed time) was to play
every gig as though it would be his last.  For Al, that has meant cutting out superfluous sounds and
gestures, distilling the music to its essence, which is emotion and expression.  It’s an approach that
has rubbed off on his colleagues, and the results are here for you to enjoy."  
               Adrian Jackson

‘Allan Browne and his sidemen have made an album with a trad heart but which is undeniably modern. It’s hard to do and the reason an album like this is a rarity.’
Shane Nichols, Australian Financial Review, 31 Mar 2001

‘Make no mistake - this CD will become an Australian jazz classic.’
Viktor Zappner, Bernie Advocate, Mar 2001

‘Delightful... The music is full of feeling and glorious sounds.’
John Clare, Sydney Morning Herald, 17 Mar 2001

‘The arrangements are bright, fresh and different.’
Dick Hughes, Jazz Action, 30 Jan 2001

Eugene Ball - Trumpet
Chris Tanner - Clarinet and Vocals
John Scurry - Acoustic Guitar
Howard Cairns - Acoustic Bass
Allan Browne - 20's Drums


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Track Listing Show

  1. East St. Kilda Toodleoo
  2. Buddy's Habits
  3. Leaving
  4. Days Of Wine And Roses
  5. Be Still Hold On Tight
  6. When Will The Blues Leave?
  7. Love Me Or Leave Me
  8. Well You Needn't
  9. Mining Song
  10. Be Still Hold On Tight
  11. Bye And Bye