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Jazzhead 2003 (Various Artists)

Jazzhead2003 continues the showcase of excellent music presented by Jazzhead.

Diversity is the key in 2003. Los Cabrones' Latin Mucho Muncho kicks off and leads us through a couple of schmicko Jazzhead classics to Red Fish Blue's Deep. A sharp left to The Feeling Groovies' loungey Deep End and we meet the psychedelic surf guitar of Dom Mariani and The Majestic Kelp's Tijuana Dreamin'  which provides a fine contrast to James Sherlock's jazz guitar. Finally the mellow horns of Aldo Bassi, Dale Barlow, Rob Burke and David Theak play us out.

Brilliant musicianship and original ideas keep Jazzhead at the forefront. Enjoy Jazzhead2003.

Track Listing Show

  1. Mucho Muncho
    Los Cabrones
  2. Ditty
    Chaplin, Tinkler, Rex & Lambie
  3. Torsten
  4. Deep
    Red Fish Blue
  5. Deep End
    The Feeling Groovies
  6. Tijuana Dreamin'
    Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp
  7. Distanze
    Aldo Bassi Quartet
  8. Half A Chance
    James Sherlock Quintet
  9. Bunyip
    Dale Barlow
  10. Wide Eyed
    Rob Burke Quartet
  11. Get Lucky