1 - UnnamedDeep (Red Fish Blue)

In the Santeria religion, Elegua is the guardian of entrances, roads and paths. He is the first Orisha (Guardian Spirit) to be invoked in a ceremony and the last one to be bid farewell. He has to be first in anything, just like a spoiled child. The first rhythms of the drums belong to him. He must be petitioned before all the oracles. Orunmila is the one who communicates, but Elegua guards the paths of communication. It is he who acts as an intermediary between human beings and other Orishas.

These four outstanding musicians combine diversity of experience and varied influences.  Sam Keever's piano works brilliantly with the hip rhythms of Hirst's bass, Fredes' Latin percussion and Barker's drums.

Track Listing Show

  1. Elegua
  2. An Angel Fell From The Sky
  3. Duet 1
  4. Deep
  5. Song For Ria
  6. Duet 2
  7. Judder Bar
  8. Deeper
  9. Elegua