1 - UnnamedJavabubbaboogaloo (Various Artists)

The third release from Jazzhead first hit the stores on 13 June 1997 and deserved eight of ten for its title alone. Now re-sequenced and re-mastered the stunning ARIA nominated Javabubbaboogaloo has been re-released. Featuring Ian Chaplin, James Sherlock, Rob Burke, Paul Williamson. Javabubbaboogaloo showcases the talent of some of the best of the growing Melbourne scene's hottest players in a mix-and-match line up that keeps your fingers snapping and your toes tapping with jazz grooves.

Track Listing Show

  1. Freedom Jazz Dance
  2. Zamisdat
  3. Listen Here
  4. A Message For You
  5. A Little Busy
  6. Koo-Kee
  7. Mr. Walker
  8. Populex
  9. The Roadster
  10. What Theme?