1 - UnnamedTjapangati (The Ian Chaplin Quartet)

Chaplin, the embodiment of all that's hip in Australian jazz, has been illuminated by fellow band members, Mark Fitzgibbon, Phillip Rex, Scott Lambie and guest Sam Keevers.
One of the best examples of this set is the first cut, The Business End, with Chaplin's furious jagged interplay, on high octane, full tone burning straight ahead. On Mingus' Sound of Love Chaplin displays a tone and approach that echoes players from an earlier generation.  Nominated for an Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Award in 1996 for Best Jazz Album, Tjapangati, is considered by many critics to have been the release of the year.


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Track Listing Show

  1. The Business End
  2. What's Up
  3. But Wait There's More
  4. Vespa
  5. Mingus' Sound Of Live
  6. Jazz Elevator
  7. Off You Go
  8. Tjapangati
  9. Ben Hall
  10. Soul Sphere
  11. Hand Mower