Senses (Monique diMattina)1 - Unnamed


Timeless piano dreams and improvisations – the thinking person’s zen escape.
The Village Voice, NYC

Beautiful, spacious, spare.
Lucky Oceans, ABC Daily Planet

Atmospheric, thoughtful. Calm notes with a sharp intelligence.
Sue Roberts, BBC Radio 4

Cherishing each note she plays and the spaces between them.
Doug Spencer, ABC The Planet

Julia Lester, ABC Classic FM Drive

Derek Guille, ABC 774 3LO

Delicate, calm, contemplative – to be played while reclining on the couch daydreaming.
Mary Downes, Herald Sun

This exquisite recording is a wonderful example of the creative spirit in the music of Monique diMattina. It is enhanced by a tone, touch and sensitivity at the keyboard which can only be found in artists of high caliber. A beautiful listening experience.
Dr Tony Gould, Dean, VCA School of Music

All tracks composed and played by Monique diMattina
Monique diMattina – piano

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Track Listing Show

  1. Tactus
  2. Animus
  3. Zephyr
  4. Species
  5. Acquula
  6. Lumens
  7. Manus
  8. Thermae
  9. Aura
  10. Lingua
  11. Imago
  12. Ego
  13. Libra
  14. Sapere
  15. Fragro
  16. Opus