1 - UnnamedFuture in Today (Chaplin/Tinkler/Rex/Lambie)

Chaplin's frontline companion in this tough, piano-less quartet is the brilliant and powerful trumpeter, Scott Tinkler - a unique player who can flatten you against the back wall while dazzling your senses and intellect with his constructions. Bassist Phillip Rex and drummer Scott Lambie push, push, push, but in an open formation leaving lots of space and freedom. The compositions contributed by all members of this remarkable Melbourne group have all got something to intrigue the musical imagination, and they all allow for free improvisation and plenty of hard swinging.

Winner of the 1998 ARIA AWARD Jazz Album OfThe Year



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Track Listing Show

  1. One Up One Down
  2. National Geographic
  3. The Night Cart Man
  4. Life Cycles
  5. Noazark
  6. Ditty
  7. Ven Conmigo Decpacito
  8. Luc Warm
  9. Spinning Topper