Duende - The Romantic Project (Joe Chindamo) 1 - Unnamed

Something Will Come To Light a stunning piece from Duende - The Romantic Project won the 2009 APRA Music Award for Jazz Composition of the year, Duende was also a Final Five nominee for Best Jazz Album at the 2008 ARIA Awards.

Duende - The Romantic Project is the latest release (and Jazzhead debut) by lauded pianist and composer Joe Chindamo. 

Duende represents a musical journey through the human condition: love (in all it's incarnations), joy, sorrow, elation, despair, longing, melancholy, excitement, and even death, find their expression in these songs.

Joe, who looks to his Italian heritage for inspiration on this album, composed most of the pieces with others taken from the world of Italian opera, a Spanish love song and a Jobim classic. Duende is a marvelous selection of moods, melodies and musical magic: a highly emotional and deeply moving album.

Like any great writer who can express complicated ideas in a perfectly constructed epigram, Joe's music is forever accessible, quickly understood on many levels, and of course, far from simple.

Duende is out now on Jazzhead.

Joe Chindamo (Piano)  Doug De Vries (Guitar)  Nigel Maclean (Violin)  Sam Anning (Bass)


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Track Listing Show

  1. Another Story
  2. Moments And Eternities
  3. The Bermuda Tango
  4. E Lucevan Le Stelle
  5. Something Will Come To Light
  6. Elegy For Rita/ Astoria
  7. Besame Mucho
  8. Saying Goodbye
  9. Una Furtiva Lagrima
  10. Tarantism
  11. Corcovado