1 - UnnamedCarried By The Sun (Keller, Murphy, Browne)

Carried By The Sun is the luminous debut CD from the Keller/Murphy/Browne Trio.  All are highly-regarded bandleaders in their own right. This trio however, has no leader; it is a genuinely collaborative enterprise.  Featuring compositions by all three members, each piece unfolds like a three-way conversation, the focus shifting subtly from player to player without the need for bombast or empty technical displays.

Andrea Keller - Piano
Tamara Murphy - Bass
Allan Browne - Drums



What the critics have said…


"Pianist Andrea Keller, bassist tamara Murphy and drummer Allan Browne are assuredly poets on their instruments. There is no bravado and no music for musi's sake on this album; just a pure, interactive creativity".

Review of 'Carried By the Sun', John Shand, October, 2006, Limelight


"Intensely telepathic communication".
Review of 'Carried By the Sun', Ken Williams, 2006


"The set highlighted the exquisite interplay between Browne and his empathetic trio colleagues, Andrea Keller (Piano)
and Tamara Murphy (bass) "
Review of KMB performance at Stonnington Jazz Festival, Jessica Nicholas, May 2006, theage.com.au


"Another pianist with impeccable touch, Andrea Keller, made music of diaphanous beauty with Tamara Murphy and Allan Browne."
Review of KMB performance at Wangaratta Jazz Festival, John Shand, November 8, 2006, Sydney Morning Herlad


"Andrea Keller, Tamara Murphy and Allan Browne's debut CD Carried By The Sun is varied and full of the adventurous rapport of a fine jazz piano trio."
Review of 'Carried By The Sun', Lucky Oceans, Daily Planet, Radio National, July 24, 2006, abc.net.au


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Track Listing Show

  1. The Days Of Wine And Roses
  2. Slow Exposure
  3. Carried By The Sun
  4. Tourner La Page
  5. Temps Perdu
  6. Saint Misha
  7. Amazing
  8. For Guy
  9. Lullaby