1 - UnnamedAll The Gravitation Of Silence (Peter Knight)

All the Gravitation of Silence, the new release from trumpeter Peter Knight, presents an alluring collection of original compositions and improvised meanderings that explore and celebrate melody with some of the finest players on the scene. Notably, the line-up assembled for All the Gravitation of Silence brings together the extraordinary talents of pianist, Colin Hopkins, and guitarist, Stephen Magnusson. The combination of these two highly original voices along with Knight, and rhythm section, Frank Di Sario (bass), and Tony Floyd (drums), has produced some startlingly beautiful results.



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Track Listing Show

  1. Peppercorns
  2. Haiku Number1
  3. Cruikshank Park
  4. For Quinn
  5. Eunoia
  6. Haiku Number2
  7. All The Gravitation Of Silence
  8. Haiku Number3
  9. Frankie D
  10. Melody In Memory Of Milt Hinton