1 - UnnamedJazzhead 07 (Various Artists)

Continuing in its tradition of showcasing the finest of Australian jazz, Jazzhead releases Jazzhead 07, the latest release in the hugely popular Jazzhead Series. 10 years on Jazzhead are still presenting The New Sounds.

This collection of Jazzhead Classics and new titles delivers 9 more innovative tracks from the movers and shakers of Australian jazz.
Jazzhead 07 - more mighty music.

Barney McAll
Sam Keevers
Ben Winkelman
James Sherlock
Paul Williamson
Peter Knight
Zac Hurren
Andrea Keller
Tamara Murphy
Allan Browne
Jamie Oehlers


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Track Listing Show

  1. Mysteriss
  2. Pachyderm Picasso
  3. Aguantando La Zozobra Crepuscular
  4. A Little Busy
  5. There's A Time And A Place
  6. And The Half Light
  7. Tune No 1
  8. Carried By The Sun
  9. Just Out Of Reach