1 - UnnamedWide (Festa)

Julien Wilson blasted onto the jazz scene and literally blew everybody away. Winner  of 1994‚ National Jazz Award (Saxophone), Wilson continues as a giant on the scene.

I invited Festa to play on Jazzhead‚ first compilation - Ears For Civil Engines -  a bunch of young lions with something new to offer. I found Julien had a melodic sense and technique that could hold its own anywhere in the world. Tim Neal is in the same place. If you are into horn players that don't play the same patterns over and over, and interested in a contemporary landscape with all the weight that this music needs, then turn yourself onto Festa.

Joe Camilleri


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Track Listing Show

  1. Stolen
  2. Once Upon Whatever
  3. Wandering Song
  4. Fishface
  5. Hymn For Her
  6. Kooky
  7. Bitsa [for Benji]
  8. Getting By
  9. So Sue Us