2 - Wang LiveWangaratta Live (Various Artists)

In every November since 1990, the normally sleepy town of Wangaratta in country Victoria erupts as the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz sweeps through, in what has become one of the most successful music festivals in Australia, an event respected throughout the international jazz community. Now for the very first time, all of the highlights of the first decade of this remarkable event have been captured on one incredible two CD set featuring internationals like Elling, Lacy and Tapscott and brilliant locals such as McGann, Nock, Greening and Keevers. One hundred and forty minutes of pure class.

Track Listing Show

  1. Miles' Riff
    The Barney McAll Unit
  2. Night Dream
    Kurt Elling
  3. Amanecer Guajira
    Los Cabrones
  4. Luncheon With The Premier
    Vince Jones
  5. Epitome
    Odean Pope Saxaphone Choir
  6. Sunship
    Elliott Dalgleish and John Pochee
  7. Firewater
    Mr. Sinister
  8. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
    Shelley Scown
  9. God Save This Modern Soul
    Andrew Robson Trio
  10. Kiss
    Mike Nock Trio
  11. Family Portrait
    Odean Pope Trio
  12. Bright Mississippi
    Ted Vining Trio
  13. Mary On Sunday
    Horace Tapscott Orchestra
  14. Bingo
    Gordon Brisker
  15. The Wane
    Steve Lacy Trio
  16. Linger Awhile
    Karl Hird
  17. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
    Bernie McGann Trio
  18. The Serpent
    The World According To James
  19. Evening Song
    Papa Carlo