1 - UnnamedWangaratta Festival Of Jazz 2000 (Various Artists)

A great taste of what is ahead at the 2000 festival, The Wangaratta Festival of Jazz CD draws tracks from the broad spectrum of jazz and blues artists who make up this year's festival program. this 2 1/2 hour compilation of music speaks volumes for the quality of the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz, and the talent of local and international jazz and blues artists on this year's bill.

Track Listing Show

  1. Lost Tribes
    The Zawinul Syndicate
  2. La Kemba
  3. Last One In, First One Out
    Mark Helia's Open Loose
  4. Mandela
    Guy Strazzullo
  5. The Call
    Ish Ish
  6. I Remember You
    Freddy Cole
  7. Dinah
    Fred Parkes
  8. Empty Bed
    Claire Martin
  9. Door Deal
    Mark Fitzgibbon Trio
  10. Ave
    Kevin Hunt's J.S. Bach Trio
  11. A Room With A View
    Don Burrows
  12. Potato Head Blues
    Swedish Jazz Kings
  13. Shake It And Break It
    The Louisiana Shakers
  14. Davenport Blues
    The New Wolverine Jazz Orchestra
  15. Sango
    Bob Barnard
  16. Congo Square
    Society Syncopaters
  17. When Your Woman Is Gone
    Little Charlie & The Nightcats
  18. Jivin' At The Bridge
    Bridie King & The Boogie Kings
  19. Take A Little Walk With Me
    Blues Before Sunrise
  20. Ain't Love Blind
  21. Lady Day & John Coltrane
    Lily Dior
  22. All God's Children
    Steve Tallis
  23. I'm Going To Make It Somehow
    Kerri Simpson's Confessin' The Blues
  24. I've Forgotten More
    Bondi Cigars
  25. The Wind Is Blowing
    Collard Greens & Gravy
  26. Reruns From The 60's
    Tim Wilson Trio
  27. Knuckles
    Jamie Oehlers
  28. Turn Left Again
  29. Cloudlands
  30. Bronte's Chant
    Fiona Burnett Quartet
  31. Mr Jack
  32. Homage To Art
    Joe Chindamo Trio