1 - UnnamedVariations (Misinterprotato now Trichotomy)

Variations is the latest album from Misinterprotato, Australia's most forward-thinking jazz trio. Taking cues from contemporary European jazz,  Australian ensembles, such as The Necks and ECM inspired minimalism, Misinterprotatos' compositions explore Latin themes and seductive rhythms. Their finest yet.

Sean Foran - Piano
John Parker - Drums
Pat Marchisella - Acoustic Bass




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Track Listing Show

  1. Island Of The Sun
  2. At The Right Moment
  3. Branching Out
  4. Start
  5. Ascent
  6. Paddles
  7. Please
  8. Variations On A Bad Day
  9. Chunk
  10. Everything That Isn't
  11. The Unknown
  12. Labyrinth