Une Saison En Enfer (Allan Browne Quintet)1 - A Season In Hell

A Season In Hell

A Season In Hell (Une Saison En Enfer) is the latest Rimbaud inspired work from the Allan Browne Quintet.

Dedicated to recording and performing original, contemporary jazz, this distinguished Quintet alongside prolific and highly respected drummer Allan Browne includes the extraordinary compositional talents of Geoff Hughes and Eugene Ball, notable double bass player Nick Haywood and accomplished alto sax man, Philip Noy.

Over 18 months, the Quintet developed and recorded these pieces, inspired by Rimbaud’s last and only published work. For years the 19th century French poet Arthur Rimbaud has mesmerized Allan Browne with his prose and precocious genius. This is the sequel to the Quintet’s 2007 release The Drunken Boat, Rimbaud’s best known, 25-verse poem; thus completing this cycle for the Quintet.

This lengthy prose poem, written in 1873, Rimbaud’s 19th year, traces the narrator’s journey from life into hell, with his philosophical observations along the way. Rimbaud’s actual journey included a long and widely travelled affair with the older poet Paul Verlaine, who was gaoled for shooting him in Brusse ls.

Rimbaud’s work has long influenced 20th century artists and musicians around the world. 

Out now on Jazzhead.

Eugene Ball (Trumpet), Geoff Hughes (Guitar), Nick Haywood (Bass), Phillip Noy (Alto Sax) and Allan Browne (Percussion).


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Track Listing Show

  1. If Memory Serves
    Eugene Ball
  2. The Enemy Within
    Geoff Hughes
  3. Nuit De L'Enfer
    Geoff Hughes
  4. Song From The Highest Tower
    Eugene Ball
  5. Embers Of Silk
    Geoff Hughes
  6. I Dance The Sabbath And Chorale
    Eugene Ball
  7. Sleepwalker
    Geoff Hughes
  8. A Life Too Light
    Eugene Ball