The Pulse

The PulseThe Pulse double CD set features the highlights of a moment in time of Australian jazz as captured in the ABC TV Series, The Pulse (ABCTV - Thu 11pm). Legends playing side by side, brilliant newcomers, improvising musicians communicating in full flight, tremendous talent and a sound particular to the Australian scene. The Pulse is a snapshot of this incredibly creative and vibrant world.

Hilton Cordell Productions took on the challenge of recording the series. Not content to simply set up in studio, the team hit the hottest jazz clubs in Melbourne and Sydney to record over 100 musicians live during the summer of 2000/01.

Directed by Doug Aitken, photographed by Kim Battersham and recorded by Michael Henshaw, the resulting series and CD are both spectacular, not-to-be-missed documents of the time.

Well known bassist, Jonathan Zwartz, curated the ten specially staged performances:

“The Pulse flows over and around a broad spectrum of styles and ages, from 17 year old Aron Ottignon to the 63 year old legend Bernie McGann. The music shows the incredibly high standard and commitment of our jazz artists, and the vibrancy and originality of a scene constantly finding new ways and means of expression. It is a music of now and by tomorrow it will have shifted.” Jonathan Zwartz.

Joe Camilleri and The Pulse producers, Jonathan Zwartz and Chris Hilton, worked long hours to compile the double CD for The Pulse. Carefully structured to both encompass the range of incredible music and assembled to ensure an excellent listening experience.


The Pulse is out now on Jazzhead


Track Listing Show

  1. Thirty Three
    The Barney McAll Unit
  2. Falling Around The Sun
    Paul & McNamara
  3. Nealtime
    Tim Neal's Big Organ Band
  4. On The Loop
    Alister Spence Trio
  5. Under The Evergreen
    Cathy Harley Trio
  6. Stinkler
  7. Half A Chance
    James Sherlock Trio
  8. Love Me Or Leave Me
    Michelle Nicolle Quartet
  9. Open The Window
    Mike Nock's Big Small Band
  10. Lost On Jade Parade
  11. No Kai Blues
    Aron Ottington Quartet
  12. Brownsville
    Bernie McGann Trio
  13. Between Kisses
    Lily Dior Quartet
  14. Ladies Man
  15. Yesterday Street
    Joe Chindamo Trio
  16. Soak
    Band Of Five Names
  17. I Didn't Know About You
    Nichaud Fitzgibbon Quartet
  18. Ken
    Elliott Dalgleish Quartet
  19. Atom