The Knife (Ben Winkelman Trio)


1 - Cover-TheKnifeAward-winning jazz pianist and composer Ben Winkelman is touring nationally in March 2016 to launch his fourth trio CD, The Knife, out March 4 on Jazzhead in Australia and OA2 Records in the US. He will be joined by long term colleagues Ben Vanderwal on drums and Sam Anning (winner of the 2015 National Jazz Award) on bass.

Recorded in New York at Sear Sound and inspired by the highs and lows of getting acclimatized to life in New York, the thirteen original compositions on The Knife explore some of Ben’s diverse musical interests in a jazz piano trio setting. These include Cuban, Brazilian and gospel music, odd meter claves and through-composed miniatures.

Formerly of Melbourne, Ben has been living in New York since 2010, where he is active on the jazz, Latin and gospel music scenes. The Ben Winkelman Trio has toured extensively nationally and internationally, and has appeared at many of the national jazz and music festivals and on ABC TV.

Following the critically acclaimed Odysseys (2010 AIR Award nominee for for Best Independent Jazz Release), The Spanish Tinge (2007 AIR Award winner for Best Independent Jazz Release) and Stomps, Pieces and Variations (2006 Australian Jazz Bell Award nominee for Best Classic Jazz Album), the Ben Winkelman Trio continues to explore a fresh take on the jazz piano trio.


Ben Winkelman – piano, Sam Anning – bass, Ben Vanderwal – drums



Reviews for The Knife:

“While Winkelman’s writing on The Knife is intelligent and complex, it is the emotion and lyricism that really impress. His playing on The Knife, while controlled and precise, abounds with warmth and spontaneity.” - Eugene Ball, Loudmouth, The Music Trust E-Zine (Australia)

“Singling out any one track probably does a disservice to the overall quality and breadth of this stunning album. The Knife sounds fresh and exciting while still being able to satisfy those that revere the classic jazz trio tradition.” - Owen McKern – PBS Program Manager (Australia)

**** “This is an album of great variety, showing that much can be achieved by a piano trio with imaginative compositions, and skilled, unified players.” - John McBeath, The Australian

“Fresh take on the trio. Writing and musical imagery that reflects deep thought, passion and sophisticated vision.” - Jae Sinnett, WHRV FM, (USA) - included The Knife on his Top 10 of 2015

“Winkelman shows his penchant for coloring outside the lines with grace and finesse.” -  Midwest Record (USA)

“...a warm and classy touch, showing deftness and thoughtfulness as well as strength.” - Jazz Weekly (USA)

“...adventurous, but still accessible. Winkelman's music is airy, free-flowing and full-flight…” - George Fendel, Oregon Jazz Scene (USA)





Track Listing Show

  1. Remolacha
  2. Prospects
  3. The Knife
  4. Trains
  5. Descarga
  6. While I Sleep
  7. Chico
  8. The Schlep
  9. Silvia
  10. Miniature
  11. Westbury
  12. The Crush
  13. Reprise
    All compositions by Ben Winkelman