1 - UnnamedThe Edge Of Today (Rob Burke)

The Edge Of Today aims to identify a sample of the jazz scene by mapping out the differing styles of jazz featuring five of Australia's leading guitarists. With mainly original tracks this CD demonstrates the artistic, social and cultural diversity of each player.  Featuring Rob Burke -sax, bass clarinet, flute, Doug de Vries, Slava Grigoryan, Stephen Magnusson, Geoff Hughes, Peter Petrucci -guitars, Tony Floyd -drums, Nick Haywood -bass.






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Track Listing Show

  1. Peregrine
  2. Edge Of Today
  3. Maybe Tomorrow
  4. Foolish Fun
  5. Choro Negro
  6. Same Time Same Face
  7. New Things And That
  8. A Place In Time
  9. Caf?� 1930
  10. Together Alone