1 - UnnamedStay (Fallingwater Trio)

The Trio comprises of Phil Bywater; band leader and saxophonist, Elliott Folvig; guitar and Dale Lindrea; electric bass.

Together, this drum-less Trio create lush romanticism with uncanny melodic interplay and seductive soundscapes.

With countless performances over a ten-year span Fallingwater Trio have attracted rave reviews for their meticulously crafted yet ethereal style of instrumental music.

This is music of profound beauty, with stark intimate minimalism.

Phil Bywater - Tenor Sax
Elliot Folvig - Guitar
Dale Lindrea - Electric Bass

Track Listing Show

  1. Stay For A Long Time
  2. Tears
  3. Bells
  4. After Naima
  5. Faith
  6. Forest Rain
  7. African Wisdom
  8. Absence
  9. Dub