Now for The Free (Misinterprotato now Trichotomy)1 - Cover_NowForTheFree

Misinterprotato's debut album from 2003.

Featuring pianist/keyboardist Sean Foran, electric bassist James O'Brien and drummer/percussionist John Parker.

Misinterprotato not only sound at home in their European-influenced modernism, they are genuinely creative and vital. Sean Foran's piano playing has a crystalline beauty, elegant and spacious, supported by a rhythm section. Whether the chilled and sparse melodicism of the ballad, 'Motion', which sets the tone of the album, the Necks-inspired organic groove of 'Domino vs the Powerful Owl', the atmospheric intro to 'Shorter Than Some' and the groove of 'Waiting', the band sounds focused and the music satisfyingly whole, all the more for its economy and poise.

The debut album from the trio that "features a finesse not usually found on first albums" -  The Age


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Track Listing Show

  1. Motion
  2. Waiting
  3. Gnip Gnop
  4. Shorter Than Some
  5. Domino vs The Powerful Owl
  6. Not Knowing What To Do Next
  7. Duckdive
  8. Places
  9. Misinterprotato Live - Video