Newell Waltz (Howard Cairns Quintet)1 - Newell Waltz Cover

After 25 years as side-man in notable and award winning ensembles, Howard Cairns has found the time to record an album featuring his own compositions with Newell Waltz.

The recording features longtime friends and colleagues with whom he has performed, recorded and toured with over the past two decades, such as the Red Onions, the James Sherlock Trio, the Ross Hannaford Trio, Michelle Nicolle Quartet and most recently Way Out West have helped establish Howard Cairns as one of Australia’s leading contemporary musicians. Cairns Quintets' work is melody based, and pulse orientated, the music is in turn reflective, tongue in cheek, good humoured, dark, even hopeful!


Howard Cairns Quintet are:  Stephen Grant - cornet, Adam Simmons - tenor sax, Donald Stewart - Trombone, Michael Jordan - drums and Howard Cairns - double bass


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Track Listing Show

  1. Newell Waltz
  2. Black Spur
  3. 500,000
  4. Platform Two
  5. While No One Was Looking
  6. Dark and Lonely
  7. Pimp The Bass