Monash Art Ensemble (Australian Art Orchestra and Sir Zelman Cowen School Of Music) 1 - Unnamed

Paul Grabowsky brings together members of The Australian Art Orchestra and the leading Monash University School of Music students in this buzzing new project of 21st century musicians known as, The Monash Art Ensemble

Produced, directed and composed by Grabowsky, a wonderfully compelling two works are performed here. The mood begins with divinely sparse and introspective tones leading on to sparkling with drama and intensity and back around again. 

Variations, ‘d’un goût étranger based on a Theme By Marin Marais’, a beautiful melody from a time long ago, is the first work performed alongside highly personalised portraits of particularly influential composers and musicians. Grabowsky has conceived a powerful “conversation across time and space”. 

The second work, ‘Tall Tales’ is a journey through three different types of musical language. The first movement is inspired by the manikay songforms of the Yolgnu people of Northern Australia. These are songs of identity, spirit and place. Tall Tales is also dedicated to the great Australian filmmaker Fred Schepisi, on the occasion of his seventieth birthday.

The music presented by The Monash Art Ensemble is truly an exceptional listening experience. Out now.


Music Credits:

Australian Art Orchestra:

Scott Tinkler (Trumpet)

Eugene Ball (Trumpet)

Tony Hicks (Tenor Sax)

Lachlan Davidson (Flue, Piccolo, Alto Sax)

Erkki Veltheim (Five String Electric Violin)

Frank diSario (Bass)

Dave Beck (Drums)

Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music:

James Macaulay (Trombone)

Paul Cornelius (Tenor Sax)

Brendan Toohey (Bb, Eb Clarinets, Bass Clarinet)

Dan Mamrot (Guitar)

Shanie Kias (Percussion)

Joseph O'Connor (Piano, Harpischord)

You are listening to Variation 3 'Prongs'.

Variation 3 'Prongs' by Jazzhead Records

Track Listing Show

  1. Introducion
    Variations (2000) 'D'Un Gout Etranger' on a Theme by Marin Marais
  2. Theme
  3. Variation 1 'The Ugly'
  4. Variation 2 'Too Cool For School'
  5. Variation 3 'Prongs'
  6. Variation 4 'Dark Magus'
  7. Variation 5 'Interstellar'
  8. Variation 6 'Skies Of Clayton'
  9. Variation 7 'The Mizler Jam'
  10. Variation 8 'To Infinity And Beyond'
  11. Ngukurr, Mon Amour
    Tall Tales (2009)
  12. ...And A Bier For Young Arnie
  13. Wacky, Zany, Madcap
  14. New Track