1 - Cover KaleidoscopicKaleidoscopic (Julien Wilson, Stephen Magnusson)

Kaleidoscopic is the latest collaborative release from Julien Wilson and Stephen Magnusson.

This prolific duo goes back over 15 years in groups such as Festa, SNAG, Assumptions, the Julien Wilson Trio, alongside their roles in ensembles led by international artists Mike Nock, Charlie Haden, Josh Roseman and Barney McAll.

Kaleidoscopic was composed and recorded over a New York winter with the eternally inspiring Barney McAll.  Iconoclastic drummer Jim Black and prolific bassist Mark Helias contribute an astounding variety of grooves and textures.

All five musicians recorded here are influential composers, stylists and bandleaders in their own right and have been widely recognized as the most exciting and innovative improvisers of their generation.

As a collective they have fashioned here a diverse collection of material that spans from the tumultuous to the sublime, epitomizing the freshness and sense of discovery associated with Jazz.


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Julien Wilson 

Barney McAll

Track Listing Show

  1. Stagger
  2. Taipan
  3. Langsam
  4. Collider
  5. Euge
  6. North Of East
  7. Bismillah
  8. Everybody Happy
  9. Miss Leading Lady
  10. Excess Of Evil
  11. The Show
  12. No Not Yet