1 - UnnamedJazzhead 2006 (Various Artists)

Jazzhead2006 highlights an amazing cross section of jazz talent on the Australian scene.  Taking snippets from Jazzhead's year of releases and combining with favourites from the past, Jazzhead2006 delivers an incredible listening experience.
After 10 years of releasing quality music, Jazzhead is still as excited by the sounds as ever.  This, the fourth in our annual series, maintains the label's distinctive sound and offers a variety of accessible and appealing tracks.  A great taster of excellent music from Jazzhead featuring:

Barney McAll

Ben Winkelman Trio

Rob Burke


Peter Knight

Alison Wedding

Sam Keevers Nonet

Badal Roy  

Rufus Cappadocia

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Track Listing Show

  1. Ali Gordum Taksim
  2. Thirty Three
  3. Bananeiro
  4. Choro Negro
  5. Ellegua
  6. The Sum Of
  7. Peppercorns
  8. This Fear
  9. Livro
  10. Painless