1 - UnnamedIn Is In (Misinterprotato now Trichotomy)

In Is In is the second release from innovative contemporary jazz trio MISINTERPROTATO.  Featuring 10 original pieces, In Is In pushes the boundaries of "jazz piano trio" record's, with the group utilizing distortion, modified piano, percussion and cello.  With a range of influences from contemporary jazz trios like Bill Evans, to Steve Reich, to Radiohead, MISINTERPROTATO are reshaping the sound of trio jazz and captivating audiences of jazz and non jazz listeners alike.




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Track Listing Show

  1. Mesmerisation
  2. Ye Olde
  3. The Discontent
  4. Tacit
  5. Fleming Rd
  6. The Sum Of
  7. When She Left
  8. Dodge
  9. In Is In
  10. Dismantle