Do True (Robert Burke, Kenny Werner) 1 - Unnamed


This is an incredible must have recording!

Do True with Robert Burke and Kenny Werner, came to fruition with the help of Dave Schroeder (director of Jazz at NYU). It was Schroeder who organised the recording and introduced Burke to brilliant New York jazz pianist Kenny Werner.

Discussions regarding the rhythm section that would be needed for the recording led to Werner suggesting musicians that he had a strong rapport with: Johannes Weidenmueller and Richie Barshay - an empathy that is evident in this recording.

The repertoire selected is a combination of Kenny Werner, Robert Burke and a beautiful tune by Paul Grabowsky.


Werner also acted as an artist-in-residence at Monash University throughout August, 2014.


Rob Burke; tenor, soprano, bass clarinet

Kenny Werner; piano

Johannes Weidenmueller; bass

Richie Barshay; drums

For information on Australia's leading international music school, Monash University Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, click here...



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Track Listing Show

  1. Do True
  2. Valse
  3. Shivaya
  4. The Prize
  5. Angel
  6. Georgia James
  7. Keeper Of Dreams
  8. Pratology
  9. Gerakan