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Baileys Melbourne Jazz Festival 2001 (Various Artists)

In its fourth year, Melbourne's annual jazz festival went from strength to strength. The 2001 Festival was the biggest and best yet. This CD offers a taste for committed jazz fans, and other open-minded music lovers.

The tracks chosen for this CD range in style from the irresistible grooves of Bill Evans and Dodge to the subtle interplay of bands like The Necks and the Paul Grabowsky Trio.

Track Listing Show

  1. Van's Joint
    Bill Evans
  2. Lines
    Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen
  3. Eddie's Back In Town
    Michael Pigneguy Sextet
  4. The Bird
  5. The Sleep Of Champions
    The Necks
  6. Habitat
    Steve Hunter
  7. Venus And The Dogstar
    Bernie McGann
  8. Big Butt
    Matt Wilson Quartet
  9. Idris
    Fred Grigson's Bluezone
  10. Passion Dance
    Michelle Nicolle
  11. Beyond The Black Suit
    Paul Grabowsky Trio
  12. Blue Eye
    James Sherlock Quintet
  13. East St. Kilda Toodleoo
    Allan Browne's New Rascals