Conjuror (Allan Browne)  1 - Unnamed

Conjuror is a collection of poetry and music by jazz legend Allan Browne.

Better known for his multi‚Äźaward winning music, and a lifetime of jazz across all its genres, Conjuror reveals, not surprisingly, that Browne’s first poetry and music collection is strikingly vibrant and original.

The music compositions are based on 7 of the poems from the 92 pg book; each piece features Allan’s spoken words, sparingly integrated within or around the music. 

Performed by The Allan Browne Sextet, compositions by Allan Browne, Eugene Ball, Marc Hannaford and Geoff Hughes, the Sextet also feature Nick Haywood and Phillip Noy. 

This journal represents a Browne whom even his most loyal fans may never have met. Ever the raconteur, jazz and jazz musicians figure prominently, as do his family and the twists and turns of his fascinating journey. 

A fascinating collection by an extraordinary artist. 


Published by Extempore.

Released thru Jazzhead.

Listen to a track taken from Conjuror the music...

Swing Street Suite/Allan Browne Sextet by Jazzhead Records


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Track Listing Show

  1. For Art Hodes
    Composer Allan Browne
  2. Wild Bill
    Composer Eugene Ball
  3. Swing St Suite
    Composer Marc Hannaford
  4. Short Verse To A Tall Man
    Composer Eugene Ball
  5. For Griff
    Composer Phillip Noy
  6. To A Firefly
    Geoff Hughes
  7. The Flooding
    Composer Marc Hannaford