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Great music is often born out of adversity. When the band arrived at the studio things didn't look so good. Nick had his gas cut off at home, Steve had 3 hours of sleep after a late gig and Colin had his car stolen with a month's worth of handmade ceramic tiles in it. Only Al seemed in good spirits and he was the recipient of a lung transplant...

But with a minimum of discussion the music on this cd was recorded and it's is a great example of what leading a session is all about. Nick Haywood has for so long been such an important contributor to so many different ensembles on the Australian music scene, especially in Melbourne. Finally with this release he shows all the skills that are sometimes needed when leading a session to create such wonderful music.

To lead a recording is not always easy. Nick is the kind of leader that listens and is always open to the ideas of his fellow musicians. That's why this music is so interactive and responsive...and many are first takes. In particular the two slower pieces  ('The moon's a harsh mistress' and 'Blue eyes crying in the rain') unfolded with such great feeling and spirit that I sat at the mixing desk in awe.

A terrific recording from this quartet led by Nick Haywood. It was worth the wait.

Mal Stanley
ABC Classic FM/ABC Jazz


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Track Listing Show

  1. G.P.
    Comp. N. Haywood
  2. The Moon's A Harsh Mistress
    J. Webb
  3. Tahdon
    J. Perko
  4. Round Trip
    O. Coleman
  5. Detention River
    N. Haywood
  6. 4 x 4
  7. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
    F. Rose
  8. Slow Tune
    N. Haywood