1 - UnnamedJazzhead 2002 (Various Artists)

Jazzhead2002 highlights the depth of quality and range of sounds presented by Jazzhead. From the cool jazz grooves of Dodge's performance of Herbie Hancock's The Bird through to the spirited mood of Allan Browne's New Rascals' East St Kilda Toodleoo - Jazzhead2002 presents excellence in Australian jazz. Jazzhead2002 is a great introduction to the sounds of Jazzhead.

Track Listing Show

  1. The Business End
    The Ian Chaplin Quartet
  2. National Geography
    Philip Rex
  3. Meaning In Sights
    Tim Stevens
  4. Jive On Marko
    James Sherlock Quintet
  5. Mingus For Now
  6. Wandering Song
  7. Gross Rexman
    David Rex Quintet
  8. When I Fall In Love
    Dale Barlow
  9. The Bird
  10. East St Kilda Toodleoo
    Allan Browne's New Rascals