Monash Sessions: Hermeto Pascoal 2 - Unnamed

Legendary Brazilian musician, arranger, composer and multi instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal, is a man described by Miles Davis as one of the most important musicians on the planet.

Hermeto Pascoal, a name synonymous with flamboyant and Jazz in his home country of Brazil, is featured here in the first of a ingenious series entitled The Monash Sessions.

As artist in residence at the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music (who facilitated the recording of The Monash Sessions), Pascoal recorded his compositions with Australian guitarist and expert in Brazilian music Doug deVries. Alongside Monash University staff; Robert Burke, Jordan Murray, Paul Williamson and Julien Wilson and a cameo appearance from Italian saxophonist Mirko Guirrini plus jazz studies students from the University, the line up is impressive.

Part of the process, Hermeto methodically arranged with Jordan Murray with Doug deVries translating, as the recording evolved and In a spontaneous act, Hermeto, during the opening track, stood up with a glass of water and started singing into the glass. The resulting improvisation demonstrates how the word ‘innovation’ has long been synonymous with Pascoal, whose talent for making music out of virtually anything has earned him such nicknames as the Sorcerer. With just over half an hour of recorded music you feel compelled to savour each moment.

Hermeto Pasocal The Monash Sessions, is one evocative and fascinating recording.

Fatima by Hermeto Pascoal The Monash Sessions by Jazzhead Records


The Band

Hermeto Pascoal: director, voice, melodica, glass of water

Tenor Sax: Rob Burke, Mirko Guerinni, Paul Cornelius

Soprano Sax: Julien Wilson

Trumpet/Flugelhorn: Paul Williamson

Trombones: James Macaulay and Jordan Murray

Drums: Chris Broomhead, Daniel Berry

Percussion: Oliver Williams

Bass: Harrison Wardley, Matt Hayes, Alejandro Perez

Guitar: Doug DeVries, Emilio Kormanic, Dan Mamrot and Corey King 

Piano: Joseph O’Connor and Dan Sheehan


All compositions and arrangements by Hermeto Pascoal.

Horn arrangements by Hermeto Pascoal and Jordan Murray.


For more info about The Monash University Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music please click here...

Track Listing Show

  1. Bebe
    Doug deVries, James Macauley, Hermeto Pascoal
  2. Fatima
    Paul Williamson, Julien Wilson, Dan Mamrot
  3. Musica Das Nuvens E Do Chao
    Jordan Murray, Dan Mamrot, Hermeto Pascoal
  4. Chorinho Pra Ele
    Robert Burke, Mirko Guerrini, Joe O'Conner
  5. O Susto
    James Macaulay, Paul Cornelius, Mirko Guerrini
  6. Sounds Of Hermeto
    Hermeto Pascoal