1 - UnnamedFar Away Here (Paul Williamson Quintet)

Paul Williamson's new album, Far Away Here, features the all-star collaboration of five of Australia's finest jazz musician's and bandleaders;
Paul Grabowsky
Jamie Oehlers
Felix Bloxsom
Paul Williamson
Rodrigo Aravena

With compositions from Grabowsky, Williamson and Oehlers, this award winning line-up does not disappoint in creating an outstanding recording of beautiful and expressive music.  Whilst each track has its own journey, there is an evocative and mesmerizing mood that unites them.  Space has been afforded in the compositions to feature the highly individual voices of the quintet, yet the overall result is one of a unique ensemble blend.

This is a must have Australian landmark recording!


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Track Listing Show

  1. Far Away Here
  2. Anthem
  3. Goodbye Lullaby
  4. Raven Hair
  5. Round And Round
  6. Talking In Pictures
  7. Time Has Taken It
  8. There's A Time And Place