1 - UnnamedEars For Civil Engines (Various Artists)

The debut release for Jazzhead, Ears For Civil Engines, has been re-mastered and re-released. This collection of 13 original tunes by Australian jazz luminaries includes outstanding individual and ensemble playing. This set has everything: cutting edge modern jazz, cool jazz, bebop, swinging blues and piano based mood pieces. Ears For Civil Engines features Rob Burke, Julien Wilson, Sam Keevers, Paul Grabowsky, Scott Tinkler and Tim Stevens. An illustration of just how good Australian jazz talent is - great songs and great blowin'.

Track Listing Show

  1. Off You Go
  2. Looze Blooze
  3. The Skip
  4. Brotherhood
  5. Meaning In Sights Unseen
  6. Torsten
  7. Stomp
  8. Dilemma
  9. Scardy Cat
  10. Movin' On
  11. Gross Rexman
  12. Ears For Civil Engines
  13. The Stretch