1 - UnnamedDale Barlow Live (Dale Barlow)

WHEN I FALL IN LOVE from DALE BARLOW -LIVE is a great example of the kind of (seemingly) casual magic that can happen when like-minded musicians get together for another day at the office: that is, three sets late at night in an intimate, informal jazz club like Bennetts Lane or Dizzy's. Dale Barlow flies in from Sydney, renews acquaintances with Mark Fitzgibbon and Matt Clohesy, and meets Dave Beck for the first time. They rehearse for less than an hour, running through some originals and agreeing on a few standards. Later that night, for their own pleasure, they let the music flow.  And magic happens, as you can hear for yourself.




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Track Listing Show

  1. Jazz Couch
  2. Bunyip
  3. When I Fall In Love
  4. Beautiful Love
  5. The Way You Look Tonight