1 - UnnamedYou R Here Session One (Jamie Oehlers Double Drummer Group)

Winner of the 2006 Bell Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Release, saxophonist Jamie Oehlers, together with his highly acclaimed double drummer ensemble, recorded You R Here over two nights at Bennetts Lane. The concept of playing with two drummers came about during the long term residency of the Jamie Oehlers quartet at 303, when by accident both Ben Vanderwal and Simon Barker were booked to play, and they did.  The result was electifying. 

You R Here captures the music the way you would  hear it, any night, in any jazz club, anywhere in Australia.  So here it is, LIVE - the way music is meant to be heard.

Jamie Oehlers - Tenor Saxophone
James Muller - Guitar
Sam Keevers - Piano / Nord Electro
Rodrigo Aravena - Bass
Simon Barker - Drums
Ben Vanderwal - Drums


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Track Listing Show

  1. Just Out Of Reach
  2. Side Car
  3. Solace
  4. Portal
  5. Wayne's World