1 - UnnamedWidening Circles (Barney McAll)

"This album is a triumph, impossible not to like. There is an engaging directness and vitality in McAlls work, at once sophisticated yet guileless. His bright, chunky tunes are remarkably  buoyant, at times  romantic, instantly  hummable. McAlls  brilliance  is  everywhere, drawing beautiful  voicings  out of the horns and his own piano: his sextet  sounds orchestral."
 - Shane Nichols,The Australian Financial Review, March 6-7, 1999


Featuring - Barney McAll with Billy Harper, Josh Roseman, Jeff Ballard, Ben Street, Vincent Herrig, Ben Monder


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Track Listing Show

  1. No Culture
  2. Thirty Two
  3. Don't Be Weary Traveller
  4. I Do Believe
  5. Fourth Dimension
  6. Thirty One
  7. Billy Harper