1 - UnnamedMother Of Dreams And Secrets (Barney McAll)

Mother of Dreams And Secrets "MODAS" from one of Australia's most inspirational jazz musicians, Barney McAll, was recorded in Cuba and New York. The music based on Afro-Cuban rhythms and is dedicated to Santerian goddess, Yemaya - the Mother of Dreams and Secrets. Percussive but hypnotic and at times ethereal.
Yaroldy Abreu Robles - Congas
Dreiser Durruthy - Bata, Vocals
Ramses Rodriguez - Drums
Ernesto Simpson - Timbales, Percussion
Aryam Varona Hernandez - Acoustic Bass
Barney McAll - Piano, Bass, Rhodes, Chucky
Matt Clohesy - Acoustic Bass
Jasper Leak - Electric Bass
Jacam Manricks - Alto Sax
Jamie Ohelers - Tenor Sax
New York:
Eddie Bobe - Congas
Liberty Ellman - Guitar
Billy Harper - Tenor Sax
Jonathan Maron - Electric Bass
Jay Rodriguez - Tenor Sax, Alto flute, Flute
Kurt Rosenwinkel - Guitar
Josh Roseman - Trombone


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Track Listing Show

  1. Ellegua
  2. Mysteriss
  3. Yemaya One
  4. Queen Of Witches
  5. Heavenly Waters
  6. Yemaya Prayer
  7. Aguas Cristalinas
  8. Venus As A Boy
  9. Abeokuta Suite