Memory Of Elements 1 - Unnamed

Jazz in Australia is a hotbed of truly incredible talent.

Jamie Oehlers is a forerunner of such talent, and now with new musical innovation, is part of an exciting new group of not so new (and equally as talented), players from the happening jazz-scene in Perth. 

Jamie Oehlers, Ben Vanderwal, Tom O’Halloran, Carl Mackey, Simon Jeans and Pete Jeavons together are Memory Of Elements (MoE).

MoE represents the expansion of influences and the music moving on into new territories while having a memory of the fundamental elements of the jazz tradition. All respected and noted soloists in their own right - they here come together mostly to avoid that!

This is a group that moves away from traditional roles of ensembles its size, and chooses instead to focus on exploring ensemble interplay and the intensity of group dynamic.

Great music for all to enjoy.  A must hear!


Jamie Oehlers - Saxophone
Carl Mackey - Saxophones
Simon Jeans - Guitar
Tom O'Halloran - Piano
Pete Jeavons - Double bass
Ben Vanderwal – Drums


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Track Listing Show

  1. Prehensile Dream
    Reid Anderson
  2. Bolero y Abakua
    Tom O'Halloran
  3. Angie
    Jamie Oehlers
  4. Lines
    Tom O'Halloran
  5. Serbia
    Jamie Oehlers
  6. Mountain Man Pt 1
    Simon Jeans