1 - UnnamedExit (Barney McAll)

Exit is Barney McAll's debut! 

Originally released in 1995, Jazzhead is proud to announce Exit has now been re packaged and available once again in 2006. McAll (well known initially as Vince Jones's pianist), recorded this impressive debut in three cities on two continents with 19 musicians, with crews from Melbourne, Sydney and New York.

Matching McAll's flowing, elegant piano are outstanding players, including Lloyd Swanton, Phillip Rex (bass), Dale Barlow (tenor), David Rex (alto), Russell Smith, James Greening  (trombone), Scott Tinkler (trumpet) and Allan Browne (drums), with Americans Vincent Herring (alto) and legendary drummer Jimmy Cobb making significant contributions.


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Track Listing Show

  1. Dark Parade
  2. Route 666
  3. Exit
  4. La Mesha
  5. Mr Cryptic
  6. Gaze
  7. Destiny Is Yours
  8. Freak Of The Week
  9. Don't Stop Me Now
  10. Nite Flight
  11. Goodtimes
  12. Shape Shifter